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The case for education. Pity it has to be made.

Cal State Fullerton President Milton A. Gordon and protestors ending a 4 day sit-in

Cal State Fullerton President Milton A. Gordon smiles at cheering students moments after he signed their "Declaration to Defend Public Education," held aloft by student David Inga, last week. (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times / April 21, 2011)

After a 4 day sit-in to protest budget cuts and advocate for increased spending for education, Cal State Fullerton students met last week with president Milton A. Gordon. Gordon signed the protestors’ “Declaration to Defend Public Education,” which was chief among their goals and the protest ended peacefully.

Recently, L.A. Times writer Hector Tobar talked with several protestors and his column is an interesting read.

Cal State Fullerton is not Berkeley. It’s not where you go to be an agitator. But these are tough times. And the rebels of Fullerton say budget cuts and fee hikes forced their hand.

Of course, some will scoff at both their actions and their cause. We have lost our way these days when it comes to valuing education. And that shortsightedness will without question cost us dearly. Providing the best education possible for all citizens (all residents, actually) is essential if we are to remain a great nation.

From the students’ Declaration:

We, the students…of California’s public schools, colleges and universities, call upon the people of the state to recommit and reinvest in public education as the principal foundation of a democratic society

The failure to support an accessible, fully funded public education system will condemn many Californians to perpetual poverty and second-class status

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