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Anaheim City Council tries to lure the Sac Kings with $75 mil

Updating an earlier post, Anaheim’s city council just approved $75 million in privately backed bonds to lure the Sacramento Kings into becoming the Anaheim Royals.

The Honda Center

The Honda Center

From the Orange County Register:

In a vote that Mayor Tom Tait called “historic,” the council voted unanimously for the bonds: $25 million for upgrades to the city-owned Honda Center, and $50 million in working capital, money that could help pay for the Kings’ relocation fees.

Tait said it was a “giant step toward bringing an NBA team to the Honda Center.”

“I am thrilled. A better word – I am stoked,” Tait said.

I bet he is.

But the L.A. Times had this quote:

City officials insisted no taxpayer money will be needed to back the bonds and that any shortfall in repayment generated by arena revenue would be paid by Samueli.

“It’s a Samueli entity lending money to a Samueli company; the city has no liability and is a conduit [as the arena's owner],” Tait said during the meeting. “I wanted to drive that point home: There’s no risk.”

When I hear no risk, I get scared. And incredulous.

It does look very much like a done deal. But I would not be surprised to see some miracle benefactor descend from heaven with a way to keep the Kings up north.

Me, I’m really more concerned that the Los Angeles Dodgers of Chavez Ravine are about to lose — again — to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. That’s not the kind of Freeway Series I was hoping to see.

UPDATE 3/30 Sacramento isn’t giving up yet. Mayor Johnson Supports ‘Cease’ Letter To Anaheim

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The good, the bad, and the adorable

First I came across the bad.

Former church bookkeeper sentenced for stealing $129,000

A former bookkeeper of a Tustin church will spend 32 months in prison for stealing more than $129,000 from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

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And then the good. Very good, in fact.

Anaheim chef feeds motel kids

Anaheim chef feeds motel kids

Making sure ‘motel kids’ don’t go hungry

Anaheim, California (CNN) — In the shadows of Disneyland, often referred to as the “happiest place on Earth,” many children are living a reality that’s far from carefree.

They are living in cheap motels more commonly associated with drug dealers, prostitutes and illicit affairs.

When Serato learned that these children often go hungry, he began serving up assistance, one plate at a time. To date, he’s served more than 270,000 pasta dinners — for free — to those in need.

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And then I found this guy at dailypuppy.com.

Adorable puppy

Adorable puppy

All in all, I think I came out ahead.

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Welcome to the Anaheim Royals

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins wearing a Royals uniform

It looks as if the Sacramento Kings NBA team may move into the Honda Center in Anaheim by next season. Emphasis on may. With the NHL Los Angeles Kings in the neighborhood, the Sacramento team will change their name if they move to Orange County and the most likely name right now is the Royals.

The Anaheim Royals. Or the Los Angeles Royals. Or the Royals of Southern California. The city of Anaheim is insisting that Anaheim be part of the name so option 1 seems most likely.

It’s kind of a boring name, I think. And the Royals are a baseball team. There is history, though. The Kings were once the Rochester, New York, Royals where they won their only NBA title in 1951. See DeMarcus Cousins in the “throwback” uniform above.

I just started considering this and so I don’t have any brilliant ideas for the new team name yet. But I will think about it and get back to you as I’m sure you’ll be wanting to know.

I don’t know if the area will be able to support a 3rd NBA team. I believe they can. Anaheim is close enough to L.A., San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego counties to draw from a tremendously large area. I will certainly go to a game or two if that will help.

Meanwhile, we know how Sacramento must feel. More teams have left this region than starlets with dashed dreams.

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