Great white shark spotted off of La Jolla

Those beautiful beaches of La Jolla had their Jaws moment Monday afternoon when a lifeguard spotted a great white shark, estimated 12-15 feet long, heading north. They have been unable to spot the shark since that sighting but not for trying.

But as a lifeguard interviewed for a story in the North County Times said:

… its a big ocean, and you never know where these things are gonna go.

La Jolla Shores was shut down completely and advisories were posted at La Jolla Cove, Black’s, and the beach below Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Shark sightings are not that uncommon in the waters off North San Diego County and southernmost Orange County. Here’s a photo of one catching waves with some mostly unsuspecting surfers in the same waters in 2011:

shark sighting off La Jolla in 2011

See Anthony Adragna’s post for another remarkable shot.

What’s an Independence Week without a shark or two?

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