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Tuesday night website inspiration

Simple is in the name of our company. It pertains to our way of doing business but it also reflects a design philosophy. When appropriate, a very simple design can be hugely effective in trumpeting your message while grabbing the attention of your site visitors. Few objects on the page. Lots of white space or negative space. Typography as a prominent feature. A minimalist design.

Appropriate is the key word. Sometimes a site packed with energy and acitivity is exactly what is required for your business at this time and place.

Meanwhile here is a gaggle of mostly simple website designs that we happen to like.

Word Refuge

Word Refuge

Word Refuge SEO Writing Service

Tinkering Monkey

Tinkering Monkey

Tinkering Monkey

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co.
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To tweet or not to tweet

My web design clients often ask me about social media. Should they get on facebook or Twitter? Some ask me about blogging. While I am a fan, I also realize that these are not for everyone and I try to help my clients understand that.

Sure social media can help you promote and grow your business in so many ways — and at a really minimal cost. But not everyone is suited to be sociable on a daily or near daily basis. It takes a certain kind of temperament to tweet. And it takes a commitment of time if you have any hopes of success. If you don’t have the time and inclination and personality to maintain your facebook page or blog on a fairly regular basis — and no employee or family member who can help — then you might have to reconsider whether these are right for you.

Still, if you are strongly committed to adding social media to your marketing and customer service arsenal, then you should find a way to make it happen. The easy startup and low cost mean there is no reason not to do so.

Meanwhile, some varying points of view on the subject.

First, and the piece that got me thinking about all this right now, is some required reading from Joshua Johnson at Design Shack.

Your company can’t survive in this new digital age without social media. It’s a revolution that will change the way you do business for the better and triple your customer base in months.

Sound familiar? Today we’ll take a look at what greedy Internet marketing companies want you to believe about social media and how it compares with reality. Before you spend money on an expensive campaign, you’ll want to read this.

Some alternative views:

At Kikolani: 8 Ways Businesses Should Use Social Media

At Social Media Today: 12 Reasons You Should Use Twitter for Business

And an interesting Infograph at Soshable: How Effective Social Media is for Small Businesses

If you are considering using Twitter, facebook, a blog or any of scores of other social media, we can help you sort it all out.

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Zombies are coming to Newport!

zombies invade Orange County

Ross Kidder and Michael McKiddy star in "DEADHEADS." Its world premiere will be at Starlight Triangle Square Cinemas on April 29 during the Newport Beach Film Festival.

To celebrate the world premiere of DeadHeads at the Newport Beach Film Festival, a “horde” of zombies will be invading the Starlight Triangle Square Cinemas on April 29 where the film will be presented. DeadHeads is a comedy horror flick about a couple of inexplicably articulate zombies on a road trip. Of course!

How can you pass that up?

The film is the creation of Chicago Michigan brothers Brett and Drew Pierce. [We incorrectly moved Brett and Drew from Michigan to Chicago based on the news post quoted below but thanks to reader ZOmbie ROb, we dug around and learned otherwise. We'll leave it to the Pilot to make their own correction.]

From the Daily Pilot:

The Chicago natives began as a team about five years ago to write and direct the comedy horror flick together after being inspired by their father’s involvement as a special effects artist for the 1980s movie trilogy “Evil Dead.”

“When we were kids, our mom invited the ‘Evil Dead’ filmmakers to sort of take over our house to complete the film,” Pierce said. “I was fascinated with comedy and horror. It’s a weird mix, but I kind of liked it.”

While the film has the scares and laughs the zombie comedy horror genre fans know to expect, it also has a surprisingly tender side as one of the characters experiences romance, Pierce said.

The premiere is sold out but as of this writing, there are still some tickets remaining for a second showing of the film on May 3.

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No Kings in Anaheim: honest petitioners?

Petition to force a vote on the $75 million Anaheim plans to spend to bring the Sacramento Kings to town

The Register is reporting that petitions are being circulated in Anaheim that would force a vote on bringing the Sacramento Kings to the Honda Center. Because the funding plan involves private investment only, specifically Ducks owner Henry Samueli, it was not subject to voter approval. But if this petition is successful, that could change things.

The petitions apparently have been “angering some Anaheim leaders.” They believe that those gathering signatures are not being honest in their depiction of the details. Or are these leaders merely petulant that someone would dare to mess with their carefully crafted plans to move the Kings to Orange County?

A coalition that includes Support Our Anaheim Resort and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce sent an email to more than 10,000 members earlier this week with the subject: “Alert: Do Not Sign the Out of Town Petition!”

“Several of our members contacted us to say they were concerned about heavy-handed tactics the petitioners were using and claiming it would cost the city $75 million – that’s not the case,” said Jill Kanzler, executive director S.O.A.R.

“We, of course, feel having an NBA team supported by a private investor will be great for Anaheim,” she said.

The Register says that the petition comes from a Sacramento group called the Committee to Save the Kings.

I feel sorry for sports fans in Sacramento.

Previously, we posted Welcome to the Anaheim Royals and Anaheim City Council tries to lure the Sac Kings with $75 mil.

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OC judge accused of fixing tickets for family, friends, and his minister

Richard Stanford, a judge in Orange County Superior Court since 1998, has been accused of helping out his buddies, family, co-workers, and even his minister in court.

From L.A. Now at the Los Angeles Times:

At issue is whether Stanford violated ethics rules by first having the traffic citations transferred to his courtroom and then granting special favors such as waiving fines without following proper courtroom rules.

The complaint from the Commission on Judicial Performance formally documents nine allegations of misconduct from 2003 to 2010.

Typical is a case involving Edwin Jay Williams, who the commission says is the pastor of the Fullerton church Stanford’s family attends, and the judge’s friend.

In 2003, Williams was given a traffic ticket for running a red light. The complaint notes that Stanford and Williams discussed the matter. Then, although “the case would not have come before you in the ordinary course of judicial business, you transferred the matter to your department,” the commission wrote.

Makes you wonder how he figured he’d not get caught. Stanford didn’t deny the allegations. He just said that he was doing the county a favor by speeding up justice. Hmmm.

Although “no tickets were dismissed, and only discretionary fines and fees were waived, Judge Stanford now clearly realizes that in these nine traffic infractions in the last 10 years he gave preferential treatment which violated the standards of conduct,” according to the statement released by attorney Paul Meyer.

The statement said the judge “wrongly rationalized” that his actions “were saving time for the court and resulted in the same [Department of Motor Vehicle] records as if the people had come to court.”

I need to follow this one.

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