Girl Scouts look to boost cookie sales with technology.

Getting ready for cookie sales

Getting ready for cookie sales

San Diego area Girl Scouts are among the first in the nation to begin accepting credit/debit cards for payment when they sell cookies at booths and outside your local supermarket. They will have iPhones equipped with the new mophie™ marketplace credit-card accepting case.

Ttroopers in Northeast Ohio are using a mobile payment app called GoPayment to accomplish the same.

Meanwhile back in Silicon Valley, Facebook’s global policy manager Jud Hoffman not only set up a Facebook Event page to highlight cookie sales but helped his Girl Scout daughter and her fellow entrepreneurs by equipping them with the an iPhone dongle manufactured by Square to enable card purchases.

Adafruit's SQUARE enables an iPhone to accept credit cards

Adafruit's SQUARE enables an iPhone to accept credit cards

Needless to say, there’s also an iPhone app for locating cookie sales locations close to you. Or looking to buy cookies in Orange County? Here’s an old-fashioned way to find out where to go.

Way to go, ladies! Kick some Thin Mint butt!

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